TOM N TOMS Finalizes Master Franchise Contract in Mongolia

TOMNTOMS 2014.11.19

Ø  January 28, Signing of contract is in progress at TOM N TOMS Academy

Ø  Plans to open about 20 stores within 5 years in Mongolia

Ø  Plan to open first store in the central tower of the biggest shopping tower within Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

Ø  Metro mall includes famous shopping malls, department stores, and streets of universities. Getting ready to open, (advance)

Ø  Will use menu and interior from TOM N TOMS Korea, challenge to develop a menu that match the appetite of locals

Ø  Dalai Mongolia, Inc. Korea·Mongolia investment joint ventures… fate of domestic & abroad branches and master franchise


 (2014 January 28th Tuesday) On January 28th, It has been discovered that the master franchise contract with Dalai Mongolia Inc., has been finalized at TOM N TOMS Academy

Dalai Mongolia Inc., is a huge company that has many industrial factions such as aviation, construction, automobiles, snacks/beverage import/export, etc. They are already bridged with Korea through import/distribution trades and will begin to import various snacks and beverages for sale in Mongolia. Dalai Mongolia Inc., also has experience with several other master franchises and so, they have good business background knowledge.


Through the master franchise contract, TOM N TOMS will be opening about 20 more stores in Mongolia.


TOM N TOMS CEO Kim Do Kyun says “We plan to open the first store in Ulaanbaatar’s biggest shopping center and another store nearby that has a high population of young people. A TOM N TOMS branch office will also be established in Mongolia for more intensive management.”


TOM N TOMS specialty pretzels, honey butter breads, interior, etc will be adopted along with menu that fit with the local’s appetite. Also, through commercials, broadcasting, and advertisement of MD products on home shopping stations, marketing will be in progress across the nation aggressively.




Dalai Mongolia Inc. Introduction


Dalai Mongolia Inc. has established companies in Korea, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan. They have also been globally managing several promising branches, Master Franchises, brands etc. Currently, there are considerable developments that profit yearly that were based off the knowledge of the current market along with a solid network as base. Dalai Mongolia is undeniably a company with a strong and secure backbone and will continue to flourish in the future.