The First Step in the Spread of Korean Cultural food/beverage in Mongolia

TOMNTOMS 2014.11.19

Ø   First store in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia opens on a main street of the GB plaza

Ø   Located near a school, hotel, department store, and the embassy

Ø   High expectations for Korean cafe TOM N TOMS

Ø   Challenge of using native Korean menu in Mongolia

Ø   Major companies and broadcasting companies participates in open ceremony encouraging great interest

Ø   ‘Seoul Street’ made due to popularity and interest in Korean culture. Instigates a Korean wave spreading across the country. Will spread food/beverage Korean culture on the tide of this wave


(2014 June 2nd Monday) Tomntoms opens first store in Mongolia at the GB plaza and announces their opening ceremony.


Last January, TOM N TOMS through a joint venture company, has included a snack and beverage import/export for income. The company Dalai Mongolia, which is an immense company with many industrial factions such as aviation, automobiles, construction, etc. has joined us through a master franchise contract and plans to construct many TOM N TOMS stores in Mongolia has been decided.


GB Plaza is a large office that is located in the center of the capital Ulaanbaatar and TOM N TOMS has secured a spot in that building. The area is concentrated with many young people and foreign tourists along with advantageous buildings such as schools, department stores, hotels, etc.  The store in GB plaza is 161.54m² wide, with 86 seating capacity and is utilizing TOM N TOMS interior as well as special menu such as pretzels and honey butter breads.


TOM N TOMS CEO Kim Do Kyun along with TULGAA LKHAGVAA from the TOM N TOMS Mongolia franchise head office has hosted an opening ceremony where HAS the president of the bank of Mongolia attended along with local business leaders, representatives and executives.  This ceremony with the addition of an interview through local broadcasters on mainstream media has gathered the attention of many people for the opening of TOM N TOMS


Kim Do Kyun CEO of TOM N TOMS says that he believes the rising interest in Korean culture in Ulaanbaatar is because Mongolia is very parallel to Korea starting from appearance to language and many other aspects. He also says that the high interest and expectations for the Korean cafe TOM N TOMS will help in the proliferation of the Korean snack/beverage culture across Mongolia. 


Meanwhile, Tomntoms starting in 2009 has opened 2 stores in Sydney, Australia, 12 in LA, United States, 12 in Bangkok, Thailand, 1 in Singapore, as well as 1 in Mongolia for a total of 28 stores overseas.

picture: Tomntoms Mongolia GB plaza open