Mongolian Popular Festival “Nadam” Accomodates TOM N TOMS

TOMNTOMS 2014.11.19

Ø   Participation in “Nadam” a Mongolian sports festival recorded as a world heritage UNESCO

Ø   Tomnccino, smoothie etc. menu representing Korea also popular in Mongolia

Ø   TOM N TOMS booth is crowded during event

Ø   Mongolians from festival have great interest in TOM N TOMS blend coffee

Ø   In October, plans to open 2nd store in Zaisan a major commercial area


(2014 July 23rd Wednesday) Tomntoms has participated in a sports festival “Nadam” in Ulaanbaatar from July 11th ~ July 16th.


Nadam is a yearly folk festival for a socialist revolution anniversary in Ulaanbaatar. Some festivities include archery, horse riding, folk wrestling, etc. For this reason, “Nadam” is known to receive attention from a colossal amount of people.


Near the main stadium where a Mongolian folk wrestling game was hosted, Tomntoms assembled a sales booth to sell beverages that represent its brand.


Tomntoms Mongolian director Shim jung ho says “‘Young and family customers crowded the Tomntoms sales booth and the representative beverages Tomnccino/smoothies were very popular amongst them.

Director Shim jung ho also says, “A lot of customers asked where TOM N TOMS was located and its origin while purchasing beverages at the sales booth so I felt that the Korean representative menu and brand image were quickly becoming popular. Furthermore, ever since the 1st store in Mongolia opened, there were many people wanting to start a Tomntoms franchise; so, my hope is to propagate the expansion of many more Tomntoms locations and start a Korean wave.”


In October, plans have been made to setup a 2nd store by direct management in Zaisan, Ulaanbaatar which is a mega shopping mall with a movie theater and other culture facilities.


Meanwhile, Tomntoms starting in 2009 has opened 2 stores in Sydney, Australia, 12 in LA, US, 12 in Bangkok, Thailand, 1 in Singapore, as well as 1 in Mongolia for a total of 28 stores overseas. Also, preparation is in progress for a directly managed store to open in Qingdao, China as well as a Master Franchise store in Armenia.